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 For 25 years has offered a full range of stained glass services to the Greater Houston area. 

We have created many projects for both residential and commercial needs . From churches, offices, and homes we strive to find the perfect design to please our customers . We have found that requirements can range from a simple lamp that illuminates a dark corner to a focal window that sets the mood for a specific room . Whatever the needs, we design to please . We create original designs incorporating numerous techniques from custom beveling, sandblasting, plating, mirroring, gold leafing, slumping or fusing . We encourage our clients to share their wants and desires in order to help us visualize their dreams . We offer the use of our vast library in which they can see their ideas come to life . Once we have their direction in our grasp our artists will draw several renderings from which they can select . Then the pattern is taken to full size and glass selection, with the customers help, is made along with our custom design and fabrication we also restore old stained glass panels . Be it just a broken pane or an in-depth restoration our staff can accomplish it and return the project to its’ full potential . It is our desire to meet the needs of our community as well as supplying our clients with our creative designs we also teach classes . We know that a lot of them have a great eye for color and detail and they have a lot to offer the  art of stained glass.We encourage them to take a few classes and learn  the basic skills required to accomplish a project of their own . As a result we have had the pleasure of having clients become students and watching them use their own skills to interpret their inner creativity . In doing so, many of our students realize working with stain glass as outlet for relieving stress . So whatever the reason we are pleased to have the opportunity to share with  them our art.  



Our beautiful, hand-crafted, leaded stained glass windows, doors & domes make the perfect addition to any decor, adding elegance, tranquility and beauty to your home. We can model your leaded stained glass to match the current decor in your home, or design you an original pattern from scratch.


Along with "traditional techniques of lead and copper foil, glass painting, etching and sandblasting", the masters of stained glass "use beveled, diachronic and hand-blown glass" to create these unique colorful windows.

Stained glass, as an art form, reached its height in the Middle Ages when it became a major pictorial form and was used to illustrate the narratives of the Bible to a largely illiterate populace.


Stained & beveled glass will let in the natural sunlight while providing the kind of atmosphere and privacy you would expect from ordinary drapes or blinds. By diminishing intense sunlight in your home, our glass products protect art, carpet, woods and furniture from damage. Change an unpleasant view into a visual scene of art & color. Add character and instant curb appeal to your home.

Wire Wrapping
Is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry by hand. In wire wrapping, jewelry is made using jewelry wire and findings similar to wire (like head-pins) to make components. Wire components are then connected to one another using mechanical techniques with no soldering or heating of the wire. Frequently, in this approach, a wire is bent into a loop or other decorative shape and then the wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or decorative shape permanent.

  The original stained glass was primarily used for those whose homes were very upscale. The church, the nobility and wealthy merchants were in fact the only ones who could afford the stained glass in the days when it became most popular.

Today’s stained glass has undergone changes in both the styles, the images it portrays as well as a cost reduction permitting those who are neither wealthy nor noble to be able to boast a stained glass window of their own.

The most popular glass windows now are scenes of not just the nativity, or Biblical scenes, but also scenes from nature or flowers and birds, which sporting people enjoy having in a den or living room.

The cost is affordable for nearly anyone, and the styles are so diverse that there is something to please anyone who is looking.

Stained glass is also durable, as easy to install as a regular window and while helping the home owner to maintain their privacy, is still transparent enough to permit the light to enter the home.

Some of the more modern pieces in production now, feature designs that can be used with nearly any type of decor from Victorian to country style.

  A Statement In Glass, Inc. is your source for stained glass, fused glass, jewelry and much more. From kits, tools, supplies, and pattern books to finished works of art, A Statement In Glass, Inc. has the best selection of crafts for beginners to expert artisans.

We've built our reputation on exceptional customer service, the work of our master craftsman, and the atmosphere, beauty, and enjoyment our windows bring to the homes, offices and businesses of our clients.



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